Suspension of Lakeshore Football activities until further notice

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March 19th, 2020

RE: Suspension of Lakeshore Football activities until further notice

Dear Lakeshore Football family,

We hope that this email finds you & your family safe & healthy. As recommended by the government, we continue to support social distancing practices.

As we all know by now, the COVID-19 virus has made congregating for any reason, impossible. We look forward to things returning to normal & carrying out our football season!

In the meantime, what does all of this mean for Lakeshore Football?

Skills & Drills: Following social distancing practices means we have had to suspend training sessions until restrictions have been lightened or lifted completely.

Spring Camp: While we remain optimistic, our season overall remain contingent on government health regulations & recommendations.

Why should I still register? Given the financial impact the current situation may have on some households, we as an association are NOT asking for payment at this time. However, in order to remain nimble and react quickly when football activities do recommence, more complete registration information will help us react more quickly to re-start activities. So please, register so that we can gauge your interest.

How can we stay well, physically & mentally? Exercise & fresh air help. We will be sending a separate communication with speed & strength exercises that you & your family can do together.

Please continue to consult our website and Facebook page for regular updates.

Stay healthy & happy. The coming weeks are sure to be a challenge for everyone; should you need to reach out, we are here…

Your Lakeshore Football Association

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